Is Your Management Style More Like Michael Scott Or Bill Gates?

Is Your Management Style More Like Michael Scott Or Bill Gates?

At this stage in your career, you抳e probably established a routine for addressing problems associated with managing staff. You probably also have learned that if you want to stay competitive in your market, constant improvement is necessary. Look at these four basic management styles to assess where your style sits and how to incorporate useful aspects of other styles into your routine to improve your labor management practices.

1. Autocratic Management: (think Hitler)
You make all decisions across the board. Business comes first; staff needs come second (or last). Employees are expected to follow directions without question or explanation, and there is a structured rewards and consequences system (company policies).

昉rojects an image of a confidently managed business
旹ffective with new and untrained staff
旸ecisions can be made quickly

旵onstant staff supervision is required
昐ubordinates are very dependent upon you
旽igh turnover and absenteeism rates
昉oor work quality and low morale

2. Bureaucratic or 揚aternalistic?Management: (think Michael Scott from The Office)
You make all decisions across the board (like the autocratic style), but you take into account the good of the business and your employees. You manage 揵y the book,?referencing company policies or manuals. Essentially, it抯 the autocratic management style, but with more empathy and more focus on the social needs of employees. You might do thing2013s like encourage feedback and allow subordinates to make minor decisions in order to improve morale.

昄ess turnover than autocratic
旽igh level of employee loyalty
旹ffective for staff performing rout2013ine tasks