2014 Volvo C70 Convertible Simple

Volvo Group has always been known for the safety of their cars more than a style of their vehicles sport around. Reputation comes from Volvo’s attempt to increase the security of their cars are designed to have a boxy look. Boxy design work in the early models of the car because the company is known for its non-appearance of their car.

2014 Volvo C70 interior 2014 Volvo C70 Convertible SimpleAlthough the current is different, in the last decade Volvo produces a cool car trouble catching the attention of younger buyers. For example, Sweden-based outfit designed to produce pleasing design that is their 2014 Volvo C70 convertible. The car was originally designed to be converted into a coupe and drop-top, which is a conservative design of the Volvo, but it still looks good.

2014 Volvo C70 Convertible 2014 Volvo C70 Convertible SimpleThe convertible bonds do not offer a radical design, but a drop-top version of this car is sure to catch the eye. 2014 Volvo C70 reflects the attractiveness of the company’s drive to not only safe vehicles to the public, but also pretty they are, so they can be young consumers to realize – this is the group that the company hopes will be their customer base for years to come.

Car employs a four piece hard top that gently insert the boot of a car in less than 30 seconds. The precise design of the mechanism allows the driver to lower the top, and it will also lower the top quite a sight to behold.

By the convertible bond is a four-seater affair offering a good lumbar support for all passengers. With the top up, it seems that a compartment inside, not just for their looks, but how do you feel when you drive it. The rest of the interior is also a good job, the floating console, which is common with the recently launched Volvo Cars, it is easy to select the analog and offers car convenience and comfort.

2014 Volvo C70 specs 2014 Volvo C70 Convertible SimpleIt’s also loaded with safety features that only Volvo offers. 2014 Volvo C70 is the only convertible bond, a curtain, this is an indication of its commitment to providing safe vehicles what design can be.