2014 Volkswagen GTI Concept

The new 2014 Volkswagen GTI will come with comfortable, fast and, when fitted with the Performance Pack. The 2014 Volkswagen GTI is 18 percent more fuel efficient than the model it replaces, thanks to new fuel-saving technology like a start/stop feature, which shuts down the engine during temporary stops. The performance pack will be available on European models, which hit showrooms in May. Spokesman Mark Gillies said VW is investigating offering the performance pack in the United States, which would require some tweaking, given the different emissions standards and fuel quality.

2014 VW GTI Model 2014 Volkswagen GTI Concept

For the performance, 2014 Volkswagen GTI will come with  220 hp and a robust 258 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0-liter EA888 four-cylinder—the twist rises from 207 lb-ft and nears the ST’s figure of 270 lb-ft. Fuel economy increases by 18 percent on the European combined cycle, according to Volkswagen, no doubt canada pharmacy cialis helped by the newly standard engine stop-start system. For those who want a little more power, VW will add a GTI-first Performance-package option that bumps output to 230 hp, with peak torque remaining the same.

2014 VW GTI Photo 2014 Volkswagen GTI Concept

The Performance pack of new 2014 Volkswagen GT goes beyond additional punch, including bigger brakes and a dedicated limited-slip differential. Limited-slip duties in the basic GTI are handled, as they are now, by the now common stability-control-based type that applies braking to the wheel losing traction in a turn. Other updates include firmer suspension tuning and a lower static ride height (by 0.6 inch).  plus a slightly different interpretation of the five-bladed Cuisinart-look wheels—the style is now called “Brooklyn.”

2014 VW GTI Picture 2014 Volkswagen GTI Concept