2014 Porsche GT3

Porsche 911 has spawned numerous varieties throughout its history, ranging from luxury hardcore, stripped-down models have been designed for maximum performance on the pitch. The past 20 years have seen a 911 would be a special model GT3 variant, which focuses on creating the best driving experience on the race track by offering a range of luxury options, the weight-saving measures, and high-performance technology to make the 911 into a race car of the road. The last 991-generation 2014 Porsche GT3 GT3 is based on the success of previous models, and is the fastest of its kind ever to hit the racetrack thanks to the new aerodynamics, better power transmission, 3 piece wheels, and a host of new technologies.

2014 Porsche GT3 interior 2014 Porsche GT3One of the most special parts of the 2014 Porsche GT3 is the transmission, which has always been a high-speed version of the standard 911 Carrera S engine and manual gearbox. The new generation 991 GT3, changed some things, in particular, is a transfer. Instead of the standard six-speed manual, seven-speed PDK improved and modified dual-clutch gearbox similar to those used in the company’s racing programs. While this may ruffle feathers, genuine Porsche enthusiasts, they will be happy to see the high-speed 3.8-liter flat-six strikes back 3 piece wheels. The motor can achieve a speed of 9000 rpm and produces 475 hp 8250 rpm and 324 pound feet of torque at 6250 RPM. This makes for a super car to reach 60 mph from rest in just 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 195 km / h, a good lap time of the Nürburgring faster than the more powerful 997 911 GT2 predecessor.

2014 Porsche GT3 backside 2014 Porsche GT3A large part of the success of the 2014 Porsche GT3 car on the track and conditions of sale is to a large extent an agile platform. Car is based on the larger 911 Carrera 4S model for a better grip and handling, and a special engine upgrades aluminum components and a three piece wheel. Suspension parts such as springs and dampers are made of lightweight materials and provides a better bound, rebound, and height properties to improve the overall performance. New lightweight aluminum braking, which is a four piston monoblock calipers and 380 mm ventilated discs, which are cooled by a new integrated channel. The new 3-piece wheels central locking and forged aluminum construction reduces the weight of the wheel hub, and improve overall performance.

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