2014 nissan altima coupe

2500 rpm family sedan usually not much to get excited about. In fact, it has traditionally been closer to idle than anything provides a real opportunity for entertainment. However, each of the 2,500 rounds of this 2014 nissan altima coupe offers a Frisson of excitement, when the wheels away from the concert. Why? Since they add up to 100 mph. In the four cylinders.

2014 nissan altima coupe concept 2014 nissan altima coupeA process that for a minute: 2500 rpm = 100 km / h in 2.5-liter naturally aspirated four-door kinshlepper. This, my friends, is impressive. First, the number of confirmed ourselves during the prototype drive of Nissan’s Arizona proving grounds in March. More real numbers is 2000 rpm 80 mph and only 1450 rpm at 60 mph. Credit Altima CVT, which is edited with this new model. Seventy percent of the transmission parts are new, and the internal friction is reduced by up to 40 percent through a battery of small tricks that redesigned the interior of the lower viscosity of the oil pool. The transmission has a very large 7.0 gear ratio spread and was programmed control logic to keep all four pots to boil necessary.

2014 nissan altima coupe auto show 2014 nissan altima coupeOf course there is still a CVT, which is the driving enthusiasts what Mark Zuckerberg is Amish. But 2014 nissan altima coupe unit is at least good to go thanks to its Sport mode, which presents the transition to create a physical and a sound reminiscent of a traditional torque converter automatic. To be fair, the trip did not plunge as far as they would slushbox, but 2014 nissan altima coupe keeps the engine in the power range of meat and still provide a fairly convincing performance, even against aggressive throttle openings. Anyway, these are difficult “stretched rubber band” CVT moments kept to a minimum, just rearing its head when the accelerator is buried in the carpet, and just for a moment. In most cases, we believe the most likely Altima drivers will not even notice they own CVT.

2014 nissan altima coupe redesign 2014 nissan altima coupe