2014 Honda Urban SUV Review

2014 Honda Urban appear as the new Urban SUV. Honda Urban SUV will come with dynamic model SUV with spacious and functional interior. The new Honda Urban SUV will provide you with fun to drive, fuel efficient small vehicle with new design. This time we will give you  2014 Honda Urban SUV Review.

2014 Honda Urban SUV Model 2014 Honda Urban SUV Review

2014 Honda Urban SUV come and appear as the next SUV type from Honda. Officially unveiled on January 14th 2013 at the Detroit auto show, Honda announce the concept of the new 2014 Honda Urban SUV. Honda bring the new Urban SUV as the new innovation and improvement. For the concept of  the new Honda Urban adapted the elements and features from Fit  and CRV although Honda urban SUV also come with the new features. These features involve the magic seat from the Honda FIT which allow you to rear sets to folded for maximum cargo space and allow to seat to fold up in maximizing vertical space. For the interior, the new Honda Urban SUV will come with the new generation  technology package.

2014 Honda Urban SUV Picture 2014 Honda Urban SUV Review

The new 2014 Honda Urban SUV come with Honda’s Earth Dream Technology. This new technology also used on Honda accord. So, Honda Urban SUV will use hybrid system as well and will make Urban SUV become the new SUV with hybrid system and technology. Full specification and further information about 2014 Honda Urban SUV not release yet officially, however with the new features and designs Honda Urban SUV will be one of the best SUV from Honda.

2014 Honda Urban SUV Photo 2014 Honda Urban SUV Review